The Outdoor Blogger Codex


  • Genuine travelogues, equipment checks and further editorial posts convey our passion for everything relating to the outdoors.
  • Authenticity we understand as frankly communicating positive as well as negative experience with equipment, tour areas and other services within our blog posts therewith our readers may be informed for their next outdoor activities at the best.


  • To provide exciting and informative content we check equipment, we go on trips and explore interesting services possibly of relevance to our readers.
  • We act transparently, independently and honestly.
  • All published content reflects the opinion of the particular blogger.
  • Out blogs are supposed to serve our readers a clear picture of why we decided to write about something, where we traveled, how and how long we tested.
  • We do inform unmistakably when content is supported with equipment, tours or other services by any partner.


  • In case a blogger received support with the creation of content he or she conveys that fact transparently and unmistakably.
  • Support can assume different shapes and only clear communication about its mode enables our readers to appreciate our content.
  • Support comprises gratuitously provided test products, financially assisted tours and other services payed for by partners.
  • With respect to our partners we vouch for high-quality content. This content is produced in due consideration of the same sincerity standards as blog posts which are created without any support.


  • Editorial content is not manipulated.
  • We create genuine and sophisticated content.
  • Our partners are aware that their support has no influence on how we comment on products, tours our other services.


Everything in the normal Codex also applies to Social Media use. However, please consider these two additional points:

1. Guideline: Sponsored Post

We encourage you to disclaim on your Social Media Channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et. al. - at the beginning of the post with the Hashtag #Advertisement that you got the item or got the item and paid for it.

These Guidelines are based on the most stringent laws in Europe (Germany, UK) and are intended to keep you save from how future legal requirements and in which way they develop. As a Blogger and SoMe Influencer it might make sense to disclose the use of this Hashtag and that you’ll use them.

2. Guideline: Account Growing Techniques

You’re not allowed to buy Followers, Likes, Comments and Engagement on your Social Media Channels.

We discourage the use of Comment Pods and if you’re organized in one we would suggest that you leave it.

This Outdoor Blogger Codes is the ethical basis which we feel obliged and which we adhere to.

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