Chops McGilicuddy

Multi-faceted Outdoor Denizen

Blog-Beschreibung: Field Reports, gear reviews, and anecdotal observations of a classically-trained bread baker exploring the fields of biking, backpacking, ski-touring, split-boarding, mountaineering, gluten-free cooking/baking, as well as gear and self-maintenance.

Currently working full-time as a kitchen supervisor, and Sierra Club ICO volunteer for 1st-5th grade children, but trying to spend as much time as possible outside and inspire others to do the same.


Autor: James G. Smith aka Chops



Tanker om ture og friluftsliv

Blog-Beschreibung: An outdoorblog in danish – written by danish outdoorprofessionel Jens Jerichau Clausen. Featuring the three usual suspects: gear-reviews, tips & tricks and traveldescriptions. Everything brought with a lot of beautiful photos! The main purpose is to inspire and share all the great outdoor experiences.

Autor: Jens Jerichau Clausen


Travel Dave


UK adventure travel blog

Blog-Beschreibung: Travelling the world, one adventure at a time. Follow the UK’s leading solo adventure travel blogger, Dave Brett on his travels around the world. An Adventure travel blog that features travel tips and advice, inspirational stories, travel videos and travel photography that will help you inspire and plan your next trip abroad.


Autor: Dave Brett