Weg Als Ziel


Weg Als Ziel – Share the passion for the outdoors!

The journey is the destination – Lighter gear makes your journey more joyful and expands the limits of your hikes, wheter it’s just a stroll up the hill behind your backyard or one of the worlds famous long distance hikes.

Personal and honest trip reports from all around the world, gearlists and -reviews, make (or improve) your own gear, tips & hints, pictures and much more.

I aim to give you a real experience! Being outdoors is fun but can also be painful and needs us to self-sacrifice at least a bit of us. Running through a process of exploration, I found out about the advantages of going (ultra-)light.

Come with me, on a journey around the world and follow me on my fastly growing number of (long-)distance hikes.


Autor: Dominik Schwarz

Webseite: https://wegalsziel.wordpress.com/